Share your Outlook folders, calendars or contacts

Share your your Exchange account and allow other people to see items in your Outlook folders. You can set partial or full access permission to your calendar, contacts, inbox, and much more.

If you want someone to simply view, for example, your calendar and then only to be able to View or Change appointments and meetings, use the method: 'Grant partial/selected access'.

Grant Partial/Selected Access

  • Open Outlook Exchange
  • Click on the 'Folder list' on the left menu (Yellow Icon Folder)
  • Click the icon for the folder you want to share e.g calendar
  • Click 'Properties'
  • Click the 'Permissions' tab
  • Click 'Add' to add the name of the user that you want to grant access to, or select 'Default'
  • In 'Permissions', select the access permission options for this user, and then click 'OK'

After granting access, the other party will need to open their Outlook and configure to receive your shared resources

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