Setup email in Outlook

How to Setup new Exchange Profile:

SERVER:               Cloudexch1

Username           Eg.

Password:           <password>



To access your webmail go to and Enter your email address and password


To setup your PC or Laptop complete the following steps:

  1. Make sure Outlook is closed and go to MAIL in CONTROL PANEL
  2. Select  “Email Accounts”
  3. Hit NEW > NEXT
  4. Manually configure server settings
  5. Select Microsoft Exchange and hit NEXT
  6. Enter the following Server details:   Cloudexch1
  7. Enter Your Username but before hitting check name select “More Settings
  8. Go to the connection TAB and tick or checkmark the “Connect the Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” box
  9. Select “Exchange Proxy Settings
  10. Make sure you enter the following details into the connection settings like shown.
  11. Hit OK and then Apply
  12. When you are back to the add new account screen select “Check Name
  13. You should then be able to hit next and open OUTLOOK
  14. You will be prompted to enter your new Exchange Username and password
    1. Your username is you email address eg
    2. Your Password
  15. Finished – Your emails will begin downloading
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